• Contact remote personnel via automated voice over radio
  • Contact remote personnel via text, email, and voice over 3G/4G cellular networks
  • Mobile application delivers alerts to smartphones and tablets

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mobile-app-smallA key, differentiating strength of PURVIS is its ability to alert emergency personnel no matter where they may be located.

In today’s highly mobile society, firefighters and rescue personnel may be anywhere.  The PURVIS FSAS System is uniquely sensitive to the communication needs of emergency personnel, taking into account their different roles, potential locations, time of day, and relevance to the incident.  As a result, the FSAS can integrate individuals into the alerting process via multiple channels, including radio and pager, cell phone, and/or smartphone leveraging voice, text, and data. Additionally, a mobile application offers the ability to get automated alerts on a smartphone or tablet, including mapping, driving directions and incident acknowledgement capabilities.