• Configure and manage the system via PURVIS management console
  • Comprehensive self-monitoring of system health
  • System alerts delivered to key personnel, when problems arise
  • High-availability design, along with self-monitoring, ensures uptime

The PURVIS Fire Station Alerting System is a complete system that includes a console for configuration, system management, and built-in system health monitoring.

AllĀ PURVIS configuration and management screens have an intuitiveĀ touch-screen design, and automatically reflect the data that resides in the CAD system, due to a tight level of integration. System health monitoring is an important component of ensuring 24×7 uptime for your life-critical operations, which the PURVIS system provides. For example, if a network link or a station device is down, the system automatically alerts the dispatch center and the affected fire station(s) via visual and audible alerts. At the same time, automated trouble alerts can be delivered to designated support staff in the form of an e-mail, text message or phone call.