Dispatch Equipment

Central Server

The Central Server maintains a central repository of all configuration and connection information and is responsible for maintaining connectivity to fire stations, the CAD interface and the Dispatch/Management Console. During operation, the PURVIS FSAS Central Server processes CAD data transmitted by the CAD interface and provides dispatch data to the fire stations and remote personnel involved in the incident.

Dispatch Management Console

The PURVIS FSAS management console is a touch screen computer providing a simple, user friendly, graphical interface designed to allow for efficient public safety communications. It provides an interface for system monitoring, configuration and reporting. Additionally, manual alerts and general announcement messages can be sent to station and remote personnel via the DM console.

Radio Interface Unit

The PURVIS Radio Interface unit is a rack-mountable device that connects the PURVIS FSAS Central Server into your existing radio broadcast system, so incident notices, converted to audio via our text-to-speech technology, are automatically delivered over existing radio channels.