Station Control Unit

The FSAS Station Control Unit (SCU) is installed in each fire station and any other location which might require alerting. It is connected to the Central Server and operates all of the communications devices and appliances, including speakers, lights, cameras, zone controls, and more. It can be installed as a “black box” or with an integrated display.

SCU Touch Screen

Customers have the option of implementing the PURVIS Station Control Unit (SCU) Touch Screen display as a remote access/control device or as a display panel that is physically integrated with the SCU.  It can provide a read-out of the incident report, a map of the incident location, consolidated incident reports, color-coded alerts, and an interface for zoning control and acknowledging alerts back to dispatch.

Manual Control Button

The Manual Control Button can be configured for a variety of operations, including manually activating the system if connectivity with dispatch is lost or if an incident occurs at the fire station requiring immediate response, incident acknowledgements, system test, and more.

Apparatus Presence Detector

The Apparatus Presence Detector provides detection of apparatus in drive bay locations. This information is used to record turn-out time on a unit by unit basis.