Station Control Unit (SCU)

The PURVIS FSAS SCU is responsible for receiving the incidents (or alerts) at the fire stations and then activating/updating all of the appropriate fire station electronics. Additionally, the PURVIS FSAS SCU is responsible for playing tones and messages over the fire station speakers. The PURVIS FSAS SCU is available with or without a touch screen display that allows user interaction with the system. If a touch screen display is required, the display can be integrated with the PURVIS FSAS SCU or installed in some other location within the fire station.

Remote PURVIS FSAS SCU Touch Screen

The Remote PURVIS FSAS SCU Touch Screen is a 22-inch, open-frame, wall mounted touch monitor that displays the PURVIS FSAS SCU interface and allows fire station personnel to interact with the system. The Touch Screen is a ruggedized device designed for commercial applications, such as photo kiosks, gaming, and guest/hospitality environments.

Audio Expansion Module (AXM)

The AXM expands the number of audio zones that the PURVIS FSAS can support in each fire station. The AXM is available in four (4) and eight (8) audio zone models and can be configured to activate those zones based on hours of operation (day/night), incident type, and the apparatus (units) being dispatched. An example of this operation is that speaker zones for the outside speakers will not be activated or will operate on lower volume levels during overnight hours. Additional AXM’s can be added to support the required number of audio zones in each fire station.

Relay Expansion Module (RXM)

The PURVIS FSAS RXM provides additional dry contact relays for opening station doors, shutting down appliances, adjusting lighting, and controlling additional auxiliary devices as needed. The PURVIS FSAS RXM is available in eight (8), sixteen (16), twenty-four (24) and thirty-two (32) dry contact relay models. More expansion modules can be added as needed.

Audio/Relay Expansion Module (ARXM)

The PURVIS FSAS ARXM is a hybrid of the AXM and RXM. The ARXM provides additional audio zones and dry contact relays in a single module. The PURVIS FSAS ARXM is available in four (4) and eight (8) audio zone models, and eight (8) and sixteen (16) dry contact relay models or a combination thereof. More expansion modules can be added as needed.

Dorm Remote

The Dorm Remote is a wall-mounted device that has 8 push buttons configured to correspond with the unit types assigned to the station. For instance, buttons may be configured for Engine, Ladder, Rescue, Hazmat, etc. Using the Dorm Remote, users can select the unit or units that must be activated in the dorm. When a unit is selected, a green LED light above the button for that unit type will light, indicating that the dorm is configured to activate for that particular unit type.

Dorm Remote Gateway (DRG)

The PURVIS FSAS DRG provides the communication pathway between the PURVIS FSAS SCU and the Dorm Remotes installed in the station. All zone activations are managed through the PURVIS FSAS SCU software.

Manual Push Button

The Manual Push Button can be configured for a variety of operations, including manually activating the system if connectivity to dispatch is lost or if an incident (such as a walk up) occurs at the fire station requiring immediate response. The PURVIS FSAS Station Control Unit will activate all configured devices at the fire station and send a notification back to the Dispatch Center indicating that a manual activation occurred. The Manual Push Button can also be configured for incident acknowledgements, system tests, and more.


The doorbell is installed in a weatherproof housing at the fire station’s public entrance and connected to the PURVIS FSAS Station Control Unit. Upon activation, the PURVIS FSAS SCU will alert the fire station via a configurable audible announcement.

Unit Presence Detector

The Unit Presence Detector provides detection of apparatus in drive bay locations. This information in used to automatically record turn-out time on a unit by unit basis.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

The UPS provides backup power to the PURVIS FSAS equipment in the event of a power outage. Various UPS options are available to provide backup power from 30-120 minutes or more, based on customer requirements.


PURVIS can install a camera at the front-door of the fire station with a doorbell that has an integrated microphone and speaker for 2-way audio communications. This provides a video and audio feed into the station and also back to the dispatch center. Any visitor to the fire station can get immediate assistance, either from station personnel who can get a “visual” on the visitor, or from the dispatch center if station personnel may be away or unavailable.