Wall/Ceiling Speaker

These speakers are 8” self-amplified or 25/70v interior speakers. The speaker can be wall mounted in a 12” x 12” enclosure or recessed in a ceiling, depending on parameters in each fire station.

Ceiling Speaker with Red and/or White LED Lights

These speakers are 8” self-amplified or 25/70v interior speakers with an integrated Red LED light ring, White LED light ring, or combination of both. Typically installed in dorm rooms and hallways, these speakers with integrated Red LED lights reduce the startling effect of nighttime alerts and don’t have a negative impact on the night vision of fire station personnel.

Exterior/Drive Bay Speaker

These speakers are self-amplified or 25/70v exterior grade speakers for both exterior and drive bay applications. The exterior grade surface mount speaker allows for installation in both indoor and outdoor environments without sacrificing sound quality.

Wall Mounted Volume Control

The wall mounted volume control is a signal level controller that is capable of remotely controlling the volume of a single or multiple self-amplified or 25/70v speakers. The wall mounted volume control fits into a single gang electrical box.

Ambient Noise Sensor

The Ambient Noise Level Sensors detect the ambient background noise and amplify the audio being played to the associated speakers. In areas of the fire station where noise levels can be high, such as the drive bays, the PURVIS FSAS uses these sensors to ensure that critical audio alerts are audible. The minimum and maximum audio levels for the system are configured during implementation to ensure that the levels are within the agency’s requirements.

Dorm Remote

The Dorm Remote is a wall-mounted device that has 8 push buttons configured to correspond with the unit types assigned to the station. For instance, buttons may be configured for Engine, Ladder, Rescue, Hazmat, etc. Using the Dorm Remote, users can select the unit or units that must be activated in the dorm. When a unit is selected, a green LED light above the button for that unit type will light, indicating that the dorm is configured to activate for that particular unit type.


PURVIS can install a camera at the front-door of the fire station with a doorbell that has an integrated microphone and speaker for 2-way audio communications. This provides a video and audio feed into the station and also back to the dispatch center. Any visitor to the fire station can get immediate assistance, either from station personnel who can get a “visual” on the visitor, or from the dispatch center if station personnel may be away or unavailable.