The PURVIS FSAS is able to interface with many existing sound, intercom, and public announcement (paging) systems. If new speakers are installed, PURVIS recommends self-amplified speakers in each audio zone, which provide a more redundant and highly available solution. PURVIS can supply various self-amplified speaker types to meet the installation requirements. Speaker types include: outdoor/high noise (drive bay); wall/ceiling. Speakers can also be installed with integrated unit lighting.

Ambient Noise Sensor

Ambient Noise Level Sensors detect the ambient background noise and amplify the audio being played to the associated speakers. In areas of the fire station where noise levels can be high, such as the drive bays, the PURVIS FSAS uses these sensors to ensure that critical audio alerts are audible over the background noise.

Zoning Remote

 The PURVIS FSAS offers a Zoning Remote for fire stations that share a common dorm or bunk area with multiple apparatus units, officers, chiefs, or other general offices.  The Zoning Remote is a wall mountable device that allows the user to select the alerting preference.  The alerting preference is based on the specific apparatus being dispatched – or the user may select all apparatus.

Front Door Camera/Doorbell

PURVIS can install a camera at the front-door of the fire station, along with 2-way audio communications.  This provides a video feed into the station and also back to the communications center (CAD).  Any visitor to the fire station, can get immediate assistance, either from station personnel who can get a “visual” on the visitor, or from the communications center if station personnel may be away or unavailable.