• Automated integration with Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) console
  • Instantaneous delivery of incident notifications
  • Text-to-Speech technology eliminates need for CAD Operator to make calls
  • Integration with existing analog and/or digital radio networks
  • Built-in system management and monitoring
  • High-availability design and implementation

When the communications staff at the 911 dispatch center receive an emergency call, they enter the caller’s information into their Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system.

Then, thanks to PURVIS and its seamless integration with CAD, complete and accurate emergency notification information is transmitted to first-responders wherever they may be located. Information is delivered in a variety of formats including text, data, codes to activate station lighting, tones, and voice. With PURVIS, voice communications do not require the CAD operator to speak; rather a text message is converted to speech and instantaneously delivered to all relevant stations and responding units.

Communications travel over multiple paths, including radio, to fire stations and to remote personnel.  Redundant network connections are used to ensure high-availability of the alerting system.

Operational Summary

PURVIS provides a Central Server, typically located at the Dispatch Center, which integrates into the community’s CAD system and if desired, the radio system as well.  PURVIS also provides a management console which is used for configuration management, system monitoring, and can also be employed as a backup fire-dispatch system should the need arise.  Additionally the management console can be used to send general announcement messages to fire stations and remote personnel.