The PURVIS Fire Station Alerting System (FSAS) is an award winning, IP-based alerting solution designed to automate the process of alerting fire and rescue personnel, enhance communications, and decrease response times. It’s rich features and functionality proactively support the day-to-day operations and environmental health, comfort and safety of first responders. Our lead system architect is a principal member of the NFPA committee responsible for the 1221 standards, and the system meets or exceeds all current NFPA requirements.

Communities who have multiple fire stations, medical responding units, and mobile public safety personnel can benefit from PURVIS’ comprehensive approach to incident alerting. The PURVIS system links seamlessly to a community’s computer aided dispatch system (CAD) and is able to automatically and near instantaneously deliver incident details in a way that is tailored to the needs of Fire and Rescue personnel. Incident alerts are delivered to fire and EMS stations via IP and radio networks in multiple forms, including audio (tones and text-to speech announcements), visual and printed alerts. Remote personnel can receive alerts via radio and through mobile devices. User-friendly management software provides comprehensive system monitoring, reporting and configuration capabilities, as well as tools for manual alerting.

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FSAS Introductory Video

Get to know PURVIS and our Fire Station Alerting System. Supports Dispatch, In-Station, and Remote Personnel.

9 Best Practices for FSAS

Thinking about a new or upgraded Fire Station Alerting solution? Before you make your next move, download our FSAS – 9 Best Practices to Consider white paper.

FSAS Solution Brief

PDF Overview of PURVIS’ world-class Fire Station Alerting solution.

FSAS Schematic


The image to the right provides an overview of the PURVIS Fire Station Alerting System representing how it encompasses the Dispatch Center, Fire Stations and Personnel (Staff).

Dispatch Center

PURVIS provides a FSAS Central Server that is typically located at the Dispatch Center. The Central Server seamlessly interfaces with your community’s computer aided dispatch (CAD) system as well as your radio and IP networks for automated alerting. FSAS management software delivered by PURVIS provides capabilities for system monitoring, reporting and configuration, and can be used as a backup fire-dispatch system should the need arise.

Fire Stations

Fire stations can be integrated into the alerting system’s network via multiple communications paths. One of these paths can be your existing radio network, and PURVIS can leverage that connection path for both voice and data communications. Another path is typically an IP-based network and could be your municipal or county WAN, if one already exists. The PURVIS FSAS can alert over multiple paths simultaneously, providing the assurance of redundant communications. Depending on your needs, PURVIS may install a FSAS Control Unit in each station to activate and control and wide variety of in-station alerting devices, such as speakers, turn-out timers, colored light towers, LCD/LED panels, printers, and much more.


Recognizing that not everyone who needs to be alerted is always “in station”, PURVIS delivers incident notifications to remote personnel via radio and/or via 3G/4G cellular networks to first responder cell phones and smartphones.

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