Incident Management



Track, share, and manage real-time
emergency/incident information



Real-time Information for Real-time Response


PURVIS’ Web-based Incident Management and Control System (IMACS) enables organizations to track, share and manage real-time emergency/incident information over a wide-area network. This system also gives organizations the ability to request assistance from other agencies or communities during emergency situations. IMACS tracks costs associated with incidents and optimizes operations with performance planning, analysis and replay.

  • Enables immediate response by providing real-time information
  • Provides effective communication between first responders
  • Optimizes operations with performance planning, analysis and replay
  • Tracks cost associated with incidents


Secure, web-based system with flexible ways to view, manipulate and store relevant incident information

Open system service-based architecture to facilitate integration and expansion

Graphical interface includes incident summary, history, details, unit status, client-to-client instant messaging capabilities and enhanced mapping

Able to attach external video, photos and memos to an incident

Supports industry standard communications interoperability protocols such as the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP)

Provides multi-user support and access control

Plus PURVIS IMACS is integrated with the PURVIS Emergency Notification System™, enabling organizations to manage an incident and seamlessly notify people directly from a single application.


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