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PURVIS Call Boxes™


The PURVIS on-the-street call box enables a citizen to access the police department (911) and fire department over a private communication infrastructure. When an individual activates the Call Box, an alarm is sent to the appropriate dispatch location and voice communications are established between the dispatcher and the remote Call Box. The dispatcher knows instantly the location of the Call Box and can send appropriate emergency response personnel. PURVIS can modernize legacy Call Boxes and maintain the back-end infrastructure as well as the boxes themselves.

  • Increases safety of citizens as the call boxes are placed in public areas with easy access
  • Decreases response time as the locations are automatically transmitted to emergency personnel
  • Provides backup to public infrastructure like landline and mobile telephone networks

System Features

Direct access to emergency personnel

Instant data and voice communications with live dispatcher/E911

Infrastructure maintained by emergency personnel

Automated testing ensures call boxes are functioning at all times

Two button (police and fire) call box control

American Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant features (brail, light activated, vibration)

Integrates with Computer Aided Dispatch system

Mechanically designed for ease of use and endurance

In addition, the PURVIS Call Box allows for remote activation which may be attached to any number of normally closed contacts in series.  This feature is intended to be used for such things as school fire alarms, automatic smoke detectors or burglar alarms which may operate unattended. Designed, manufactured and tested to MIL-STD-810, Environmental Engineering Considerations and Laboratory Tests for shock and vibration, salt spray, sulfur dioxide fog and humidity, heat and cold.


14,000+ Call Boxes in NYC

PURVIS builds the call boxes used by the FDNY and also provides 24 x 7 x 365 maintenance on the 14,000+ boxes located throughout the City of New York.

Call Boxes Integrated to 911

The Emergency Reporting System (ERS) is a 9,000+ voice call box system used by the FDNY and distributed throughout the five boroughs of New York City.  PURVIS modernized this system by designing, prototyping and producing 1,000 new voice call boxes as well as upgrading the inside cable plant, voice processing equipment and end user interface at the five FDNY Dispatch Communication Offices.  The ERS system is integrated with the City’s E911 to provide voice and data communication from the citizen to the call taker at the new unified Public Safety Answering Center (PSAC).

Non-Voice Call Boxes

The FDNY’s Electro-Mechanical Alarm Display (EMADS) system is a 5,000+ electro-mechanical alarm box system distributed throughout four boroughs of New York City.  PURVIS modernized this system by upgrading the inside cable plant and designing, prototyping and producing the processing equipment and end user interface at the FDNY Dispatch Communication Office.  The EMADS system is integrated with the City’s Wide Area Internet Protocol network to provide data communication from the alarm box to the FDNY Alarm Receipt Dispatcher at the new unified Public Safety Answering Center.

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