PURVIS Systems provides a wide range of tailored IT solutions for public safety organizations, including our flagship Fire Station Alerting System.

Fire Station Alerting System

PURVIS’ flagship Fire Station Alerting System is currently in use by NYC, Boston, DC, and Charleston County among others. We connect your dispatch center, automatically and seamlessly to your fire personnel, whether they are in-station or mobile. Picture your community becoming safer due to faster, more accurate, and more firefighter-friendly emergency notifications being delivered on a 24×7 basis. Your partnership with PURVIS will get you there. Click on the icon to learn more.

Event Medical Tracking System

PURVIS’ Event Medical Tracking System is a user-friendly application for securely tracking medical care provided during major outdoor and athletic events for both athletes and spectators.  The secure, browser-based system allows medical staff and volunteer personnel to collect, maintain and report on critical, real-time medical information.  Click on the icon to learn more.

Call Box Systems

The PURVIS on-the-street call box enables a citizen to access the police department (911) and fire department over a private communication infrastructure. When an individual activates the Call Box, an alarm is sent to the appropriate dispatch location and voice communications are established between the dispatcher and the remote Call Box. Click on the icon to learn more.

Incident Management

PURVIS’ Web-based Incident Management and Control System (IMACS) enables organizations to track, share and manage real-time emergency/incident information over a wide-area network. This system also gives organizations the ability to request assistance from other agencies or communities during emergency situations. IMACS tracks costs associated with incidents and optimizes operations with performance planning, analysis and replay. Click on the icon to learn more.

PURVIS Service Offerings for Public Safety

In addition to providing the solutions referenced above, PURVIS also offers a wide range of engineering and field services in support of public safety organizations.  Click on the link below to learn more.

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