IT Services for Public Safety Organizations

Systems Integration


It’s an all too common problem. Public safety information systems do not produce needed results due to outdated technologies or stand-alone systems that are unable to “talk” to each other. Fire departments, police departments, emergency response agencies, and dispatch centers shouldn’t have to compromise on their supply of quality information simply because it is stuck in an inaccessible format or system. Agencies need to make their data “interoperable,” but how can this be achieved without replacing everything?

PURVIS specializes in integrating new and legacy technology, applications and systems, allowing public safety organizations to perform at their highest capacity. Leveraging our deep understanding of the business processes and critical communication flows that support emergency response, we work closely with our clients to preserve existing IT assets, while making them work effectively with one another so responders have the information they need to act quickly and accurately.

Software Development


Our team of engineers applies expertise in the latest programming technologies and development methodologies to design or modernize high-value software, including client/server and Web-based applications.

We understand multiple host environments, including Windows and Linux, and have proficiency in the latest data communications systems; digital signal processing; and programming languages and technologies such as C#, .NET, ASP, MFC, C/C++, Java/Java RIM, SQL, VB, and others as required.

Our rigorous development process entails:

  • System Analysis
  • Production
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Prototyping



PURVIS created a dedicated, city-wide voice communications system for the New York City Fire Department (FDNY). The system gives dispatchers at the Central Office (CO) two-way communications with one, many or all fire houses in the city by simply pressing a button.

Hardware Development




PURVIS created a custom Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) hardware interface between legacy analog hardware and a  modernized voice communications solution utilized by the FDNY. This interface provided a cost effective way to update centralized equipment to modern VoIP technology while maintaining a communication path to remote legacy equipment.

We can work with you to create concepts and specifications and translate them into hardware solutions that work. Depending on your specific business need and cost, we produce custom systems and communications hardware at our production facilities, or adapt/modernize your existing hardware.

Our capabilities in hardware design/modernization enable our customers to extend expensive existing investments into modern applications.

PURVIS has expertise in:

  • Hardware analysis and design
  • Development
  • Production
  • Testing
  • Prototyping
  • Implementation

Network Engineering Services


Every public safety organization may be in a different position relative to the communications and network infrastructures that are currently in place. And so, custom networking solutions are often required. PURVIS network engineers are fluent in IP, Analog Radio, Digital Radio, and legacy communications technologies. Further, we bring important sophistication to network design, optimizing the throughput for limited-bandwidth networks by leveraging compression and spoofing techniques

Our network engineers have certifications with Cisco, Microsoft, and other leading networking and security technology suppliers.

We can offer our customers:

  • Analysis and Network Design
  • Systems Integration with Technology Suppliers
  • Testing
  • Custom hardware and software development (where necessary)
  • Implementation


For insight on communities – like Chicago, Portland, and New York – where PURVIS has applied its expertise in networking engineering, please click here.

Field Services & Maintenance




PURVIS provides 24 x 7 x 365 hardware and software maintenance on the mission-critical systems used by the FDNY in the Department’s central communications offices, in the 230+ fire houses, and on the 18,000 call boxes located throughout the City.

For our clients, downtime is not an option. And, we do what it takes – from providing preventative and repair maintenance to supporting you whenever and wherever you need it – to ensure your systems operate seamlessly 24/7.

While we pride ourselves on the reliability of our redundant solutions, it’s our proven experience supporting the most complex and vital systems during times of extreme crisis, and on a daily basis, that ensures your systems perform to their maximum capacity – always.

Field Service Features

  • 24/7 infrastructure and capabilities
  • Unrivaled customer service on and off-site
  • Proven record of high-value support
  • Fully equipped maintenance facilities
  • Site activation, outfitting and post-construction build out

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