Event Medical Tracking



Track, share, and manage emergency medical care at major events


PURVIS Event Medical Tracking System


PURVIS’ Event Medical Tracking System is a user-friendly application for securely tracking medical care provided during major outdoor and athletic events for both participants and spectators. The secure, browser-based system allows medical staff and volunteer personnel to collect, maintain and report on critical, real-time medical information.

How It Works

A unique barcode or ID number is printed on the bib of every participant.  As a person enters a medical tent his/her barcode is scanned or ID number is entered by a volunteer and a new medical treatment case is instantly created.  Information provided by the event participant during registration can also be accessed at this stage as an additional safety guard.  After a few relevant questions are answered in the system, event officials can monitor the case from a central location.  Not only does this allow for quick treatment it provides real-time updates. Tracking and reporting capabilities allow event officials to closely monitor the status of each event participant. The data gathered during an event can help determine which medical facilities are used most and for what types of injury, ultimately allowing events to improve efficiencies year to year.

  • Real-time reporting across geographically wide-spread events
  • User-friendly, web-based interface
  • Streamlines data intake and patient discharge
  • Instant notification of serious medical situations
  • Post event analysis of all medical operations
  • Data securely stored in central database
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Enhanced care giver reporting
  • Mapping capabilities for graphic representation
  • Multiple search methods
  • Ensures patients get effective care and family members have status information

New York Road Runners Club

The PURVIS Event Medical Tracking System is used by the New York Road Runners at the acclaimed ING New York City Marathon and at other major events. 



Intake and discharge volunteers with all data entered into centralized database. Includes bar code scanning of athletes

Easy capture of detailed patient data in the field

Consolidates data and analysis for medical command reporting

Provides an accessible service to friends and family members who need to locate and get updates on companions

Configurable to uniqueness of each event

Integration with other relevant systems like ChronoTrack, Champion Chip, notification systems and more

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