Servicing Station Walk-up Visitors with Video

By October 7, 2015Uncategorized

One of PURVIS Fire Station Alerting System’s more unique features is its ability to integrate a video camera, positioned at the front door of the station, into the total alerting process.

This is an optional capability that is in use in front-door-camera2Washington, DC and elsewhere. PURVIS provides a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) camera that can be installed at a station front door or any public entrance and integrated into the fire station alerting system and dispatch center. When the doorbell is pressed, a chime sounds within the station. The camera is automatically activated and displayed on a monitor within the station, and a two-way audio stream is enabled, allowing communications between station personnel and the person outside the station. If no one is available in the station to respond, the same doorbell chime, camera feed, and two-way audio stream can automatically activate at the dispatch center. This allows dispatch center personnel to respond and if necessary, send a vehicle to the station.

Because this is a COTS camera, stations can take advantage of the newest technology, such as higher resolution lenses, being assured that PURVIS can easily integrate the camera with its fire station alerting system and other systems and applications.

The PURVIS front-door camera enables fire stations to be responsive to “walk-ups” while ensuring that resident personnel are safe and can assess any door-to-door inquiries without undue personal risk. The public gets served – either by someone at the firehouse or indirectly from dispatch – who can mobilize a unit to assist.

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