Driving Improved Turnout Times

By October 7, 2015Uncategorized

Modern fire station alerting technologies are having a material impact on dispatch center call processing times as well as first-responder turnout time.  From a turnout time perspective, fire chiefs can get a more accurate picture on how their department is performing and improving with help from the PURVIS Fire Station Alerting System™ (PURVIS FSAS™), and its Apparatus Detector.

Enabling true turnout time capture and reporting

The PURVIS FSAS’s apparatus presence detector is a small device that can be mounted above each vehicle in a fire station drive bay and it detects the presence of the vehicle in the bay. The detector enables turnout times to be recorded on a unit-by-unit basis. Once an alert comes into the station, the detector, using automatic motion-sensing technology, captures and logs the time the unit leaves the bay. This eliminates the need for station personnel to call in the turnout time, greatly improving the objectivity and accuracy of reporting while creating a valuable stream of data for operational analysis.

Armed with this performance data, station chiefs and department managers can generate reports revealing turnout time details and averages over time, forming a basis for managing the department toward continuous improvement. In turn, they can better investigate issues, such as why a station’s turnout time may be lengthening, and come up with strategies for speeding up turnout processes. The data can also be used to prove that the department meets specific performance thresholds that can help improve a community’s ISO rating.

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