PURVIS To Speak at 2015 FIERO Fire PPE Symposium

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Learn 9 Critical Success Factors When Selecting a Fire Station Alerting System: Join PURVIS at the 2015 F.I.E.R.O. Fire PPE Symposium

When the 2015 FIERO Conference kicks off on September 27, PURVIS will be in attendance as an exhibitor and as a speaker. Since the first Fire Station Design Symposium was hosted in 2000, it’s become a must-attend event for all those who want access to the latest thinking in fire station planning and design. Whether in the planning phase or in the midst of building a new fire station, fire chiefs and architects can learn about the newest equipment and tools at F.I.E.R.O.

This conference affords an excellent opportunity for those early in the station planning process to consider the impact of modern Fire Station Alerting System (FSAS) technologies on station design. Station alerting can be a key element in the design and planning of a new station or department. And oftentimes a new station is a springboard for deploying new technology such as alerting – whether for that station or across an entire department.

There are plenty of reasons a department or station might contemplate a change or implementation of an FSAS, such as:

  • Its existing system may be nearing the end of its useful life
  • Personnel may be struggling with system reliability or integration issues with the current system
  • It wants to add more sophisticated features to the present voice or tones-only system
  • It is facing regional consolidation or expansion into a new station

With that in mind, our F.I.E.R.O. seminar will focus on what we believe are the 9 critical considerations when evaluating station alerting systems. The insights we will share are drawn from PURVIS’ more than  40 years of deployment of technology and services solutions in public safety and defense organizations nationwide, and with specific Fire Station Alerting System installations in Charleston County SC, Plano TX,  Washington DC, FDNY, Boston and others.

The nine critical success factors that should guide selection of a Fire Station Alerting System are:

  1. Reducing response time
  2. Handling multiple modes of communication
  3. Adopting a flexible deployment architecture
  4. Leveraging existing equipment
  5. Minimizing firefighter stress levels
  6. Considering remote personnel
  7. Ensuring high reliability and accessibility
  8. Designed for service first
  9. Using a standards-based approach

Please join us at F.I.E.R.O. in Raleigh, NC as we explore each of these considerations in detail. You’ll come away with a useful rubric for evaluating Fire Station Alerting System technologies in the context of your next fire station design.

You can register for FIERO at: http://www.fierofirestation.com/registration.html.

Article by Rick Foster, Vice President – Public Safety Division, PURVIS Systems 


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