Charleston County 911 Speeds Up Fire/Rescue Dispatch

By April 28, 2014Uncategorized

PURVIS System is partnering with Charleston County, SC to help improve the county’s ability to dispatch fire and rescue teams in an emergency.  PURVIS’ Fire Station Alerting System has been installed in over 70 stations countywide, and enables 911 dispatch to automatically alert in-station and remote personnel with a tailored mix of audio and visual alerts.

“We have already observed a significant difference in our efficiency and speed to dispatch units to an emergency situation,” said Jim Lake, Director of the Charleston County Consolidated 9-1-1 Center. “In the 24 hours prior to implementing this new tool we were 79.41% compliant with National Fire Protection Association standards for the dispatch of medical calls. In just the first three hours of operation with station alerting, we became 100% compliant. We have seen initial indications that similar results will be achieved for the dispatch of fire units.”

Read the Charleston County, SC news release for more details.

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